Key & Peele, “Pirate Chantey”

“Because we say yo-ho but we don’t say ho, because “ho” is disrespectful, yo.”

LMAO. ‘Nuff said. Seriously catchy as fuck, too…I think I’m infected!

The “Pirate Chantey” sketch humorously juxtaposes traditional pirate tropes with modern social awareness, highlighting how certain behaviors or language that might have been normalized in a different setting (like a pirate ship) are problematic by today’s standards.

In the sketch, a group of pirates sing a sea shanty celebrating their pirate life, but they keep running into modern ethical dilemmas, like respecting women, avoiding the use of derogatory terms, and not engaging in other disrespectful or harmful behaviors. The line “Because we say yo-ho but we don’t say ho, because ‘ho’ is disrespectful, yo” encapsulates the sketch’s overall theme: it’s a funny but pointed way to talk about evolving social norms and the importance of being respectful and inclusive, even if you’re a pirate.

The sketch plays on the disconnect between the romanticized, fearless image of pirates and the social sensitivities of today’s society. By doing so, it invites viewers to think more deeply about the language they use and the norms they follow, all while delivering laughs.

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