Purnama (Qamarun)

This rendition of the nasheed Purnama (translated from the Arabic Qamarun) by Zizi Kirana feat. UNIC is very unique. Firstly it’s sung by former rap queen Zizi Kirana who has now turned to Islamic spiritual music. Secondly, this is the first version that I know of that has its lyrics translated into the Malay language as well.

“Qamarun” (قمر) is a traditional Islamic nasheed (a cappella religious song) that praises the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The word “Qamarun” translates to “Moon” in Arabic. The song metaphorically describes the Prophet Muhammad as the moon, shining light on the world. The idea here is to portray the Prophet Muhammad as a guiding light, similar to how the moon provides light in the darkness of the night.

The nasheed has gained popularity in recent years, especially in the West, and has been covered by many artists in different styles and languages. One notable rendition is by the Syrian artist Mostafa Atef, but there have been countless other renditions and covers, reflecting the song’s widespread appeal and resonance.

It’s worth noting that Islamic nasheeds, especially those praising the Prophet Muhammad, are deeply rooted in Muslim tradition and have been a way for believers to express their love and devotion for centuries.

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