ครางชื่ออ้ายแน (or: “Wik Wik Wik”)

The Thai-language song “Krang Cheu Ai Nae” (เนื้อเพลง ครางชื่ออ้ายแน) has garnered attention for its emotional lyrics and catchy tune. It tells the story of a man who has lost his lover to another and must watch as she marries someone else. The song is a lamentation of his pain and longing for what once was.

However, despite its sombre theme, the song unexpectedly became viral due to a short scene in its music video. Towards the end of the video, the woman is shown lying in bed with her new husband. In a moment that caught viewers off guard, she exclaims several syllables that can only be associated with moaning during intimate moments.


Nueṇ̒ phiêṅ khrâng nî khŏn dī sīmī hæng kap khāo Tàng tøn chāo seng kôh hou Le hâyw tok yām leṅ ófæn kāw cang ai Kho hyaṅ de bo kham phēṅ yām cao mi hæng kap phæn Khrâng se khai nī dai bo

Maṇ bo ngai cēng săn hok we lā nān Kho si yān nong nong heṅ phex pak thoṅ Khrōx buo phi noṅ he phæn sebay Thêng bon dai hak khu he khrāng se cao Yen khao khā tay phe hyu pak yām dai Hai si sep hai hai mi se phi

Ai men bu bo mi si pha khŏn dī Bai sri pon kai su têna tē hai Khøp pai ke na si lai dam pi Ti yæng bo num cēng khø nong sœk kau kau Yæm yauw bo di me ni cao dai di He hoṅ se phi ne de khŏn kham

Ai cæpæn baṅ yām dai bo yām khæ pethiṅ kho Si ih o poi kai du lai ti nong ka yan tay Hak wo khæ cab dai kho si lai khani Secad hetam khoko lu tŏn hyu pho Thi thêng ngān ni lengni secad se phi Yām khŏu kæn ki he phi cen caṇ

Wih wih wih wih wih wih wih wih wih wih wih wih Auh auh auh auh auh auh auh auh auh auh auh auh Ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih Ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih Ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae Ae ae ae ae ae ae ae saaaa

This unexpected twist in the music video added a layer of controversy and intrigue to the song, propelling it to viral status, especially what sounded like “wik wik wik” to untrained ears by the woman. Despite its origins as a heartfelt lament, “Krang Cheu Ai Nae” is now known as much for its emotional lyrics as it is for its viral moment, showcasing the unpredictability of viral sensations in today’s digital age.

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